Press Conference – July 9, 2015, at Mission Empower at 2 p.m..

Mission Empower launches its Mission Read and Youth ENVISION Programs with funding by Erie Insurance

youthStatistics show that while 73 percent of Pennsylvanians between the ages 16 and 65 years old without disabilities are working, only 34 percent of Pennsylvanians who have a disability are employed. To address this growing gap at an early stage, this July, Mission Empower will launch its Mission Read and Youth Envision pilot programs to facilitate success at both education and career for elementary and high school children.

Especially designed for 6-8 year old children in the city of Erie with dyslexia or dyslexic tendencies, Mission Read – a Dyslexia Center of Excellence facilitates individual learning with tutors trained in the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

Working one-on-one with students twice a week to improve their reading skills and help them understand the structure of the English language, the program provides vital evidence-based special intervention essential for children with dyslexia to match up to and even exceed their peers. By training tutors in dyslexia intervention skills, the program addresses a crucial education gap as most schools in the United States do not offer such programs to struggling students.

For those interested in becoming tutors, Mission Empower will offer a free guided training with two options for flexible sessions: July 23rd, July 30th and August 6th from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. or July 25th and August 1st from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m..

In addition to this, this summer Mission Empower will also launch its Youth ENVISION Program aimed at 8th-12th graders, regardless of their individual ability level. Pairing students with mentors, the program provides key guidance to youth by teaching them goal mapping and leadership skills, as well as helping them choose a college or career that is right for them. Most importantly, students are offered a flying start on the right path with a $100 grant, as well as a chance to have their college application fees paid by our partners at the OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education organization.

The Youth ENVISION Program will be launched with an empowering Summer Youth Summit to be held at the Lake Erie Arboretum Foundation from July 22nd to July 24th.

Mission Empower would like to thank Erie Insurance SVP Mike Plazony and ERIE’s Giving Network for the incredible donations and support in making these vital programs a reality.

For more information on both Mission Read and Youth ENVISION, as well as Mission Empower itself, please visit our website:, email us at or find us on Facebook at and