Dear Mr. Jones,

Meadville Area Middle School students, staff and faculty would like to express our sincere gratitude for your involvement in our Career Day! Your presentation provided valuable information to further our students in their investigation of careers, but more importantly, you showed you cared enough about them to spend the day in their classroom!

At MAMS we hold a high standard for who we introduce to our students as role models, and your presentation went above and beyond! Although we strive to provide the best instructional experiences we can for MAMS students, we cannot replicate the world of a variety of work experiences you showed to them. We are sure they will remember your presentation and that it will be a source of inspiration as they pursue their occupational interests! We hope you enjoyed your day and lunch as much as we enjoyed your company, and that you will consider returning next year for this important day!

Our school and students thank you again for your time and contributions, they are greatly appreciated.

Scott Lynch, Principal, Jon K. Frye, Assistant Principal, Siobhan M. Brown, AmeriCorps VISTA, Susan M. Herberg, 7th Grade Guidance Counselor, Amber N. Warren, 8th Grade Guidance Counselor


Dear Mr. Curtis Jones Jr.,

Thank you for coming to our school. I really enjoyed your presentation. I can tell you are very good at what you do. I can also tell you are a great pastor. I hope you come visit my church sometime. You were my favorite speaker. Your presentation was so awesome!

Aaliyah Dyne