To Whom this Concerns;

Mission Empower is a dedicated organization to help improve learning for all students. I had the opportunity to meet with this committed staff and learn about how they go into local schools to ensure students are receiving the appropriate services and education to meet their individual needs.

As an Edinboro University student majoring in Education, I need to learn about these local organizations, so I can help students and parents. Mission Empower does a wonderful job at education parents about the special education processes and how to advocate for their children. When parents feel their child’s school is not providing for them sufficiently or adequately, Mission Empower intervenes to address these issues.

Because Mission Empower relies on grant money and donations, it is crucial for this organization to receive as much funding as possible. Without these monetary donations, Mission Empower would not be able to make a difference in the learning community. Mission Empower has helped parents advocate for their children in every school district in Erie County. Parents rely on this organization because they know Mission Empower will do everything in their power to help students succeed.

I truly recognize Mission Empower as an essential advocate for our local community. I hope you see the value this organization has to offer as well. Please aid this well-deserving organization so they can continue to touch the lives of our future generations of students.


Katie L. White

Edinboro University Student



To Whom this Concerns;

Last month I had the opportunity to go into Mission Empower in Erie, to do an IEP training course and a walkthrough of the place. I really enjoyed everything about Mission Empower and they opened their doors to us completely. During my time there, I had the chance to meet with Curtis and Harriet, as they discussed with us what Mission Empower does for the community and all of their clientele. I was so impressed with what they did with the community (volunteer work with other groups).

I think that Mission Empower is a very Essential and valuable group to the city of Erie. Mission Empower also focuses on helping parents on making sure that their child gets everything they need if their child is on an IEP. Mission Empower focuses on making sure they strive for excellence in all that they do, and in the short time of me being there last month, I felt that completely. I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with all of the Mission Empower staff, as they helped guide me to what I want to do when I graduate school.

Brandon Goetz