“Noah was behind when he started 2 nd grade at a new school. This program helped with his
reading which in turn improved his confidence. This is a very impressive (and important!) program. Many kids can benefit from it.”



“Taleigha enjoys tutoring and I love being able to come in the AM or PM, whatever fits my
schedule. Great experience! We love Mrs. Brown!”



“Our time with Mission Read has been time well spent! Having a “fresh” teacher pouring into my
child has truly been a blessing!”

I learned about Mission Empower and the services they provide through my daughter’s support coordinator. I have one child who suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder . . . Read More

Diana Fanno

Meadville Area Middle School students, staff and faculty would like to express our sincere gratitude for your involvement in our Career Day! Your presentation provided valuable information to further our students in their investigation of careers, but more importantly, you showed you cared enough about them to spend the day in their classroom!

At MAMS we hold a high standard for who we introduce to our students as role models, and your presentation went above and beyond! Although we strive to provide the best instructional experiences we can for MAMS students, we cannot replicate the world of a variety of work experiences you showed to them. We are sure they will remember your presentation and that it will be a source of inspiration as they pursue their occupational interests! We hope you enjoyed your day and lunch as much as we enjoyed your company, and that you will consider returning next year for this important day!

Our school and students thank you again for your time and contributions, they are greatly appreciated.

Scott Lynch, Principal, Meadville Area Middle School

Without Mission Empower, I feel a lot of children would fall through the cracks. I have sent numerous people to them for help. I would be lost without them.

Renee Vendetti, Grandparent

I am a single mother of 5, and 3 of them have ADHD & underlying disorders. (Mission Empower) was so awesome at explaining different options, rights & responsibilities I have as a parent. At that time, my son was on the verge of being expelled from school. (They) helped me prepare for a (school) meeting and accompanied me to a meeting with teachers & councilors. We were able to get (a 504 plan) in motion and now my son has been very successful. They will not be removing him from his current classroom, and he has become a big help in the school and at the day-care.

Jessica Simon, Parent

Last month I had the opportunity to go into Mission Empower in Erie, to do an IEP training course and a walkthrough of the place. I really enjoyed everything about Mission Empower and they opened their doors to us completely. During my time there, I had the chance to meet with Curtis and Harriet, as they discussed with us what Mission Empower does for the community and all of their clientele. I was so impressed with what they did with the community (volunteer work with other groups). 

I think that Mission Empower is a very essential and valuable group to the city of Erie. Mission Empower also focuses on helping parents on making sure that their child gets everything they need if their child is on an IEP. Mission Empower focuses on making sure they strive for excellence in all that they do, and in the short time of me being there last month, I felt that completely. I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with all of the Mission Empower staff, as they helped guide me to what I want to do when I graduate school.

Brandon Goetz, Student, Edinboro University

Mission Empower’s core services all work to empower parents to be their child’s best advocate no matter where families currently are on their journey.

Corry Counseling Services, Partner Organization

Mike was a sweet and active kindergartner, like a lot of kindergartners. What we didn’t know was that he couldn’t tolerate certain environmental factors that . . . Read More


I support Mission Empower because of the amazing service they offer the community of Erie not only helping disabled kids but their entire families too! Mission Empower has helped my family grow and better understand one another. For the past year I have dedicated my time to helping Mission Empower advocate in our community, and I can honestly say it has been one of the best years of my life.

Kamyah Barry, Youth ENVISION Participant, 2015 – 2016

We have a 14 year old child who suffers from many mental health issues and learning disabilities and has specific (educational) needs. There were some challenges with school this last year that required intervention, which to our relief Mission Empower was able to tackle head on. They provided our family answers and direction that others could not. The undeniable knowledge of the staff was of benefit to issues on hand… (and we found) resolution to our child’s issues with his academics.

Mr. & Mrs. Denning, Parents

Mission Empower really took the time to explain my rights and how I could better advocate for my sons.

Ima Culp, Parent

As all of my clients have disabilities, and some of their parents do as well, have a support such as Mission Empower to explain their rights to them and help them get an IEP that truly benefits them is critical. I also dare to say that Mission Empower’s services are unmatched by any other services in the other counties I serve.

Hillary Hubbell, PA Early Reach Coordinator, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

I support Mission Empower because of the strength, guidance, and courage they give to children who have any type of disability, whether it is a physical disability or a learning disability. They have helped me by giving me a mentor, and they have also helped me shape my own opinions in my teen year, allowing me to become a deeper thinker. I also have met all different kinds of people. That’s why we need programs like Mission Empower – programs that bring people together, empower youth, and empower the community.

Soraya Johnson, Youth ENVISION Participant 2015 – 2016

My son Jeremy, where do I begin…he is handsome, smart, intuitive, and many more things. He loves playing in the dirt, going to camp and . . . Read More


Because of my disabilities, I have trouble reading… (my son’s) IEP and school paperwork. Mission Empower staff took time to explain the process and terminology (and) together go over the IEP and evaluation report. (We) made a plan to have my questions answered and my voice heard at school meetings…and (they) helped me find and advocate for behavioral supports for school and the community for my son. I have more confidence now with Mission Empower’s continued support and can make good decisions for my son’s education that will help him to have a good future.

Debra Lobrozzi, Parent

Mission Empower is a dedicated organization to help improve learning for all students. I had the opportunity to meet with this committed staff and learn about how they go into local schools to ensure students are receiving the appropriate services and education to meet their individual needs.

As an Edinboro University student majoring in Education, I need to learn about these local organizations, so I can help students and parents. Mission Empower does a wonderful job at education parents about the special education processes and how to advocate for their children. When parents feel their child’s school is not providing for them sufficiently or adequately, Mission Empower intervenes to address these issues.

Because Mission Empower relies on grant money and donations, it is crucial for this organization to receive as much funding as possible. Without these monetary donations, Mission Empower would not be able to make a difference in the learning community. Mission Empower has helped parents advocate for their children in every school district in Erie County. Parents rely on this organization because they know Mission Empower will do everything in their power to help students succeed.

I truly recognize Mission Empower as an essential advocate for our local community. I hope you see the value this organization has to offer as well. Please aid this well-deserving organization so they can continue to touch the lives of our future generations of students.

Katie White, Student, Edinboro University

Thank you for coming to our school. I really enjoyed your presentation. I can tell you are very good at what you do. I can also tell you are a great pastor. I hope you come visit my church sometime. You were my favorite speaker. Your presentation was so awesome!

Aaliyah Dyne, Student, Meadville Area Middle School

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