Volunteer Positions at Mission Empower

Thank you for your interest with helping Mission Empower fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.  We have several volunteer areas for you to consider. Please review the description and qualifications for each one below. You can apply by clicking the link in each box below.


If you are a social butterfly with great, creative ideas, we would love to have you plan and organize these events for us!

Volunteer Description:

Are you a people person? Are you a go-getter? Do you love to get things done? Then you might make an excellent fundraiser to support Mission Empower’s programs!

Event Planner

Help Mission Empower discover new ways to diversify and increase its funding streams!

Volunteer Description:

Fundraising events are essential to our ability to continue these efforts, and we need volunteers interested in leading fundraising opportunities, outreach events, and event planning for our youth program.

Organizing Czar

The most efficient organizations have people behind the scenes who keeps things going by maintaining order.

Volunteer Description:

We are always seeking people who have a talent for keeping people and systems organized. Mission Empower is looking for talented people who like to file, update databases, and create systems to keep information organized.

Youth Mentor

Give a young person (8th-12th grader) in need of social, developmental and emotional support the companionship of a caring adult.

Volunteer Description:

Act as a friend, resource and guide to a youth with disabilities for the duration of 1 year; help set goals and work toward accomplishing them; serve as an example/role model; participate in trainings; respect mentee’s right to self-determination and independence.

Office Assistant

Provide administrative support in our Mission Empower office by answering phones, filing special education resources and data, and managing our resource library.

Volunteer Description:

Some knowledge of the special education process (IEP’s, 504 Plans, etc.).  Knowledge of and commitment to the organizations mission of empowerment of youth with disabilities.  Good written and oral communication skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Office products.  WordPress knowledge a plus!

Community Story-Teller

We are seeking members of and people with disabilities who are passionate about changing their community to include everyone.

Volunteer Description:

Mission Empower will train volunteers to tell their story so that the community is enriched to understand the need for inclusion. Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in school assemblies and community presentations that will include skits, panel discussions or activities used to demonstrate disability.

Dyslexia Reading Tutor

Serve children who struggle with reading and have dyslexia or exhibit dyslexic tendencies. Tutors will receive free training in the renowned Barton Reading and Spelling System.

Volunteer Description:

Tutors will work one-on-one with the same student twice per week; use a proven, successful, evidence-based program; learn the structure of the English language and, most importantly, help children learn to succeed in reading and school; make at least 1 year commitment to tutor one student.

Parent Partner

Do you have experience navigating the education system? Or a desire to learn more about it, so you can help others? You may be a great parent partner!

Volunteer Description:

Assist us in helping families become self-sustaining and self-advocating. Essentially, we want to create a school+family environment where our clients will no longer need our advocacy skills or policy knowledge, because we have successfully educated, mentored, and empowered them to independence. Join our team, and help be the difference.