Youth ENVISION Program – Mentor Job Description


To give a young person (8th-12th grader) in need of social, developmental and emotional support the companionship of a caring adult.

Mentor Duties/Responsibilities:

• Responsible for planning bi-weekly meetings with the assigned mentee for at least 4 hours per month for one year
• Act as a resource and guide
• Help set goals and work toward accomplishing them
• Work closely with agency staff through phone contact, email, and personal conferences
• Submit a bi-weekly activity log
• Serve as an example/role model
• Attend initial mentor orientation/ training and initial relationship building event
• Accept and relate to youth who may not share the volunteer’s lifestyle and values
• Respect the mentee’s right to self-determination and independence

Mentor Requirements/Qualifications:

• Willing spirit
• Openness to cultural differences
• Good listening skills
• Patience
• Sense of humor
• Commitment

Matching Process:

Matches will be made on the basis of interests, skills, background, knowledge and temperament of both the young person and the mentor.

Benefits for Mentors:

• Training in communication skills, the role of a mentor, diversity training and youth development.
• Increased skills in working with youth
• Insight into the life of a youth and youth culture
• The privilege of interacting with a young person open to being guided by a caring adult

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Mission Empower will be following PA Dept. of Health physical distancing guidelines and youth agree to cooperate with these guidelines.

Youth ENVISION - Mentor Application

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