Youth & Young Adults

Everyone wants to be independent, work, and follow their dreams. As a young person with a disability, you may face a few more obstacles in life than your friends without disabilities. The greatest adventure is learning what you need and then how to request accommodations that promote your success at school, work and play.

We hope to give you the tools that will help you begin your self-discovery journey. Don’t be afraid to try new things and, most of all, follow your dreams and dream big!

Do You Know Your Rights?

As a youth or young adult, you may not think you have many rights within your school. The good news is that you do! There are many laws in place that ensure you can get the same education and be successful in school.

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How to Become an Advocate

Do you want to be an advocate in your school?  Try out our activity suggestions to bring awareness and even change to your classroom and school.

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Interviewing Tips

Whether you’re applying for a job after college or a summer job, every business has a formal interview process. To help you prepare for these interviews, we’ve compiled several articles from various sources that describe best practices, tips, sample interview questions and even proper etiquette.

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Test your knowledge about people with disabilities through several different quizzes.

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Youth Resources

We’ve compiled some useful resources to help you with your journey.

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