People feel Better and are Healthier when They Volunteer!

It is True!  Research shows when we give back to others, it does make us feel like we are making a difference and not so focused on our own concerns which makes us healthier.

You are in luck, Mission Empower is excited to introduce our new and Improved Parent Leadership Program.

Please join us on Thursday, September 28 at 6:00pm immediately following the training, “Straight Talk from the Horse’s Mouth,” for the focus group introducing the launch of the Parent Leadership group that will serve as a support, information and training group for parents and caregivers of youth with unique needs and abilities.

Come and hear about exciting features like a parent run Facebook page that will provide families in the community with connectivity to other families with support from Mission Empower staff that will provide support and information that will empower them to be successful along their journey.  A variety of training and volunteer opportunities will be available through the group as well.  We will have our official kick off session on September 28th.  For more information feel free to call our office and ask for Jill Hrinda-Patten or Curtis Jones at 814 825-0788 or email or

We look forward to seeing  you and listening to your ideas to empower fellow families along their journey of empowerment!