Resources for COVID-19

We Are Open and Want to Hear from You

A message from Jill Hrinda-Patten, Executive Director

I know you have heard this many times before that “we are living in unprecedented, scary times!” And admittedly we are figuring this out together. As your Erie County, Pennsylvania Community Parent Resource Center, Mission Empower, is open for business, although remotely from our homes. We are eager to talk with you to be a listening ear or to brain storm options and strategies during the new brave world of virtual schooling. We are parents too trying to juggle home, work and children’s school life just like you. Most of us have children with disabilities that make these times even more challenging. We understand what you are going through!

Please call our office at 814 825-0788, and leave a message, and staff will get back to you. Check out our website at and other resources in this e-newsletter below as we journey through physically distancing.

Remember, we will get through this together! You are stronger than you think. Please contact us at
814 825-0788 or email at

Take care and stay safe.

Jill Hrinda-Patten
Executive Director