Become a Mission Empower Board Member

Board Member Application

  • Through education, advocacy and promoting inclusion, Mission Empower assists parents and their children with disabilities so that all children may use their gifts and talents to follow their dreams.

    Mission Empower is committed to involving people with diverse skills, backgrounds, and experiences from the diverse communities that we serve. Anyone, with or without a disability, any race, gender, or ability is encouraged to apply. If you would like to be considered for election to the Mission Empower Board, please complete this application and submit it to:

    Mission Empower
    1611 Peach Street Suite 120
    Erie, PA 16501
    Or submit electronically to

    Election of new Board members is held on a quarterly basis.
    The Mission Empower Board members are volunteers. Members are expected to attend quarterly meetings, serve on committees, assist with fund raising and make an annual gift in line with the member’s means.
  • I. Personal Information

  • We are requesting the following personal information about you and your family to assure that our board is diverse and representative of the people of Erie County.

    Do you or a family member have a disability?
  • II. Information to Help Us Know You:

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