Help children like Jimmy reach for the stars

Jimmy feels scared!

Jimmy believes he is alone and confused!

Do you know a child who is experiencing this too?

Jimmy goes to school twice a week and the rest of the time he attends classes online at home. He is falling through the cracks. His Mother is doing her very best to be a parent, teacher, councilor … to Jimmy and his siblings.

Sandy is working at home as a call center tech and is a single parent too. It is impossible to give her full attention to him during school hours due to her job. Jimmy is trying to be brave, but he often cries himself to sleep. He is afraid of catching the sickness that the adults are all talking about. He isn’t sure if he wants to leave his house. He can’t stay focused to get his school work done the days he is learning at home. He has so many questions.

Sandy called Mission Empower at her whit’s end! With support from our staff, Sandy made a plan and set goals to talk with Jimmy’s school district to get help with his school work. Also, she received other resources to talk with Jimmy about his fears and answer his questions. Sandy feels restored to be a Mom and continue to be a part-time teacher to Jimmy and his siblings.

Your donations can assist many families like Jimmy’s to endure this new world we find ourselves now living. Everyone is overwhelmed, but imagine trying to work, be a parent and run a household with children who have disabilities too.

Every day families are at the brink of throwing in the towel from exhaustion. You will be that life line.

Help children like Jimmy and all of his friends.


“My son doesn’t comply with the request. But is he actually refusing? In these instances that looks like refusal, I have to remind myself to stop and ask: Is he flat- out refusing to follow instructions? Or is there something else going on here?”

Jimmy knows his Mother is worried about losing her job. So, Jimmy doesn’t make a fuss for his Mother and tries to be a big boy. But he needs help, and he doesn’t know how to ask for it!

You can support Jimmy’s family through your financial donation that will give a life line to families who need a listening ear or coaching to move through his pandemic world?



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Thank you for your support!


Computers, school doors opening, teachers assisting students, parents understanding these new practices, and because of your donation and generosity, families are getting into the grove of this school year. Thank you very much!

Already your gracious gift is providing aid to families and improving the systems though the virtual school networking. This process is changing daily and we are thankful that you have invested in stabilizing these methods. You are providing virtual tools that will benefit students to progress
through the future school years.

Thank you again for your kindness, you will find a tax deductible receipt enclosed for your tax purposes. Also, we will be sending you a Gratitude Reports quarterly to keep you apprised on the success of students and their families.

Kind regards,

Jill Hrinda-Patten
Executive Director